Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys II

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Community-Based Longitudinal Panel for Social Justice in Denver, Colorado among Communities of Color: recruitment and maintenance techniques to optimize success

Type:Contributed Paper
Jul 25, 11:30
  • Lynn M. VanderWielen - Research and Evaluation, The Center for African American Health
  • Deidre Johnson - The Center for African American Health
  • Wivine Ngongo - The Center for African American Health
  • Heidi Grunwald - Public Health Law Research Program, Beasley School of Law, Temple University
  • Rickey Tolliver - Health Surveys and Evaluation Branch, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Background: Opinions, perspectives, and comprehensive data from marginalized communities have eluded researchers, policy makers, and community based organizations in the United States and abroad, often due to mistrust of data collection entities and historical trauma. Denver, Colorado is no exception, but rather than fold to the status-quo shortfalls regarding small sample sizes and inability to draw inferences, The Center for African American Health is forging the field to create the first community-driven longitudinal panel to serve as a platform for social justice with focus on communities of color in the United States. BeHeardMileHigh utilizes several innovative and culturally responsive techniques for recruiting and maintaining panel participants, while collaborating with organizational stakeholders to inform policy, practice, and programming.

Methods: Opt-in, convenience sampling methods are utilized, which include targeted recruitment at popular events in the Metro Denver African American community. This methodology, rather than gold-standard probability sampling techniques, is selected to provide an inclusive environment to all community members, demonstrate our commitment and value to all voice, and reignite community trust in data. The BeHeardMileHigh street team, composed of young adults of color, enrolls panel participants and promotes paneling efforts. BeHeardMileHigh is collaborating with a Denver-based communications firm to optimize the panel’s branding and communication strategy to enhance interest, trust, and perceived value to panel enrollees. The Community Advisory Board, composed of individuals and community members representing organizations aligned with the social determinants of health, collaborate on micro-survey question items to optimize response rates and use of collected data.

After the summer 2017 recruitment season, recruitment modifications in response to self-reflection will be made to thoughtfully engage potential participants among groups not represented in the panel.

Ongoing engagement strategies will be utilized to maintain panel enrollment and response rates, including incentives structured around minority-owned businesses and identification of incentives most attractive to the targeted demographic.

Results: Descriptive statistics are presented around panel demographics, preferred method of contact, and survey preference frequency. Mixed-methods data will be presented from the Community Advisory Board in terms of board composition, perceived benefits of the panel, and use of collected data within their own work.

Conclusion:  To the authors’ knowledge, BeHeardMileHigh is the first community-driven longitudinal panel to serve as a platform for social justice with a focus on communities of color in the United States. Quantitative data are presented on panel composition in addition to mixed-methods findings from the Community Advisory Board.


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