Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys II


Moving the UK Household Longitudinal Study to mixed mode: implications for response

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Jul 27, 09:00
  • Hannah Carpenter – Kantar Public

The UK Household Longitudinal Study, also known as Understanding Society, had used face to face interviewing since it began in 2009. In 2016, wave 8 of the survey took a leap into mixed mode interviewing with 40% of the sample being asked to participate online initially, before being followed up face to face.

This paper will look at the overall effects of the move to web on response rate as well as whether there are particular groups for whom the move to web has increased or decreased response.

Initial analysis of response data, after one year of wave 8 fieldwork, suggested that the move to mixed mode had been successful in terms of both reducing the overall cost of fieldwork and maintaining a similarly high response rate as had been achieved at previous waves that only used a face to face approach. In part, this was thanks to the introduction of targeted methods to increase the online response rate.

Wave 8 fieldwork will finish in May 2018 so this paper will be able to use the full sample to analyse how the move to mixed mode has affected response. We will also have completed the first year of fieldwork on wave 9 of the study (at which 60% of households are being asked to participate online initially) so, for the year 1 sample, we will be able to look at the impact of two consecutive waves of a mixed mode approach.

The paper will also discuss the particular strategies used by the study to boost response in a mixed mode context and the relative success of these.


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